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In my work, as a holistic health practitioner and trainer, I focus on what’s natural and what is good for people in general. One of the things I often do and bring up with people is grounding.

What is grounding?

Grounding is when we connect barefoot to the ground, it is like a pill or medicine without the side effects, but better. This can sound too good to be true to the sceptics. It is almost too easy a thing to do, to think one can reap massive benefits from.

Modern living keeps us disconnected from the earth for long periods, because of the insulation of our shoes, this is detrimental to our health. Studies show that regular periods of being grounded (barefoot) to the grass, mud, or concrete can have a profound impact on our health. The trick is to try it!

All of us are immersed in a sea of electromagnetic waves that are for the most part human generated. They are in houses, workplaces and they can interfere with our health. The positive charge of electrons can build up in our body if we are around these waves for long periods. The most obvious one that springs to mind is being at a desk looking at a computer screen for hours, another contributor is our phones. The surface of the earth is mostly negatively charged, so when we are barefoot, we allow our body to receive the negative charge whilst we dump the positive charge. Essentially, we are equalising ourselves and coming back to a healthy charge via the flow of an electric path.

Some reasons to ground regularly

  • Helps the body feel centered and calm
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Speeds the healing of wounds
  • Alleviates chronic pains
  • Improves circulation
  • Improves sleep quality

Improve your health easily
Have you tried it? Grounding everyday can significantly improve many aspects of your health.

Like anything, it is consistency that works. My suggestion is to ground the feet for a minimum of 30 minutes daily.

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