How to beat the holiday blues?

How can we motivate ourselves now that the nights are drawing in and the weather becomes cooler?

This time of year we look back on fond memories of holidays, where we get lots of sun exposure and outdoor time, which keeps our energy levels in good supply. But what can we do if the season changes to shorter days and longer nights?

Here are some tips from our experience that can help you during the colder darker months of the year.

Exercise regularly

Be consistent with gym time and days you go. This is a top priority, if you want to stay in a positive mood as well as good shape. Training resistance, mobility, and cardio is one of the best things you can do for your mood. If you are consistent in the gym you will thank yourself, for feeling and seeing results.

Go outside

Expose yourself to as much natural light as possible, preferably in the morning. No natural light and constant screen time is a recipe for not helping. This can be tricky but there are things one can do to limit blue light from screens. Wearing blue light blocking glasses or/and getting an app that limits blue light from screens is a must. Too much blue light wreaks havoc with your circadian rhythm causing issues with sleep.

Meet up with friends

Connect with family and friends as much as you can. We naturally become less sociable during the darker months. Strong social connections strengthen the immune system and increase your chances of a longer life by 50%.

How to beat the holiday blues
Sharing your feelings, having a laugh, talking about life in general, is one of the best cure to beat the holiday blues.

Get creative

Doodling or practicing art is a great thing to do if you are constantly on a laptop for your work. There is room for anyone to grow throughout their life by adding more creativity into their life.  Just as we go to the gym and train our muscles to work in new or better ways, we can train our brains to grow and develop, and this great to do during autumn and winter.

Don’t watch the news

During autumn and winter we are naturally drawn more towards the Television and screens due to the weather and dark. Watching any form of news these days raises anxiety and stress. Stress and poor sleep go together well. If watching or reading the news before bed is tempting, it may be one of the worst things you can do for your rest as it has high potential to increase your stress levels, making it harder to fall asleep. If we have learnt anything over the last 3 years, news is anything but uplifting and there are many ways to substitute the time doing things that build you up. If you must watch the news though, make sure to be informed but not overly inundated. 

Like with everything, sometimes we don’t feel like doing things, even when we know it will be good for us. So, trick yourself to start, just two minutes, move, go outside, call someone, write, draw or paint. This is all what you need to get yourself going, and beat the holiday blues.

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